The curse of the thorn & the thistle will be broken in the cypress & the myrtle trees.

—Isaiah 55:13

“I love Cypress Massage. Donna is relaxing and retraining my muscles to fix the back bump.”


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“Donna does such an excellent job. I really feel the difference. I can always make the road trip for a massage with Donna.”

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Helping you heal yourself

Therapy is a great tool. Massage therapy we consider a modality that gives the body a chance to reset. When muscles, tendons, or ligaments get tight or injured, usually with good rest your body will reset on its own in a reasonable amount of time. There are many factors that contribute to the body not resetting on its own. Good rest is a major one, and many times when you have pain, there is not rest. That’s where we come in.
Every treatment at Cypress is different, just as different as every individual coming in our door! We focus on exactly what you need, and we hope to help your body heal quickly.