About Cypress Massage

Cypress Massage is located in The Fruited Plain building on 2nd St. in Sioux Center. Cypress is owned by Donna Tea, a Licensed Massage Therapist trained in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Massage (TCM), Reflexology, Watsu, Aromatherapy, and Postural Integration (PI).

After receiving her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994, Donna studied Shiatsu in Chicago from 1995-1996 at Ohashiatsu and did Reflexology training with the Ingham Method® in 1995. She graduated from the Bio-Chi Institute of Massage Therapy in June 2010.

Swedish Massage techniques include five different stroke styles ranging from light to vigorous. While it didn’t actually originate from Sweden, it does reduce stress, pain and joint stiffness.
“Ashiatsu” is a Japanese word meaning “foot (ashi) pressure (atsu).” It is a form of bodywork where the therapist uses foot, knee, elbow, palm, and finger pressure to support physical and emotional well-being.
Aromatherapy uses aromatic plants and plant oils, including essential oils as a complementary therapy used in combination with other techniques to improve one’s sense of well-being.
Reflexology applies pressure to the feet and hands. The therapist uses thumb, finger, and hand techniques without oil or lotion.
Postural Integration (PI) is a form of bodywork developed in the United States. It combines psychological and physical therapy.
Traditional Chinese Massage (TCM) is an ancient healing technique that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Shiatsu” is a Japanese word for “finger (shi) pressure (atsu).” Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The therapist massages the patient with their fingers, thumbs, and palms. Stretching, joint manipulation, and mobilization may also be performed. It’s a quick way to release muscles, and we like to get as much work done for you as possible at every appointment! Your massage will also include deep tissue techniques. Combining techniques helps your body relax and release areas that hold tension and/or are stuck.
Watsu is an aquatic bodywork technique developed in the United States and based on Shiatsu. Watsu is performed while the receiver is floating in warm, chest-deep water.